• Location: Ranipet , Vellore
  • Project Type: Institutional Campus Planning
  • Status: Client Approval
  • Size: 33 acres
  • Client: UNICEF


The project is located in Ranipet. It is a renovation project. The design focuses on low cost construction. The main design elements are Bamboo, Cycle tyres, Water Cans, Water Bottles etc., The main aim of the design is to showcase what can be done with the use of such materials which have no value once used. Being a juvenile school, the usage of vibrant colours creates a possitive impact on the children residing there. Courtyard spaces are incorporated at strategic locations to motivate socialising within students.

It comprises a series of large open plan spaces such as outdoor waiting area , semi open classrooms , semi open dinning and play area. The spaces are arranged around a central Agora with planter boxes and seaters around them facilitating group activities.


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