• Location: Pammal, Chennai
  • Project Type: Affordable Housing
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Size: 2,50,000 sq ft (196 apartments)
  • Client: ShreeVelu Builders (p) Ltd


The 3.5-acre site was located in the sub-urban area of Pammal. The brief called for a affordable housing project which offer a great life-style. The built form was organized as a single C-shaped mass which contained the central open green-space which also housed the amenities and created a sense of community. The road facing side was left as the entry into the plaza. This was defined by a low-rise additional amenity building which created the vibrancy in terms of usages. The challenge in this project was to achieve an efficient housing which does not compromise on the value for money credo and provided green open spaces and a sense of identity.


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