Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: Student Activity Centre, Institutional
Built Size : 26,000 SQ. FT
Location : Thandalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
FOAID Gold 2018 – Hospitality Category, IIA Awards
About the project
EAT – RELAX - SOCIALISE that was the motto of The Hut Café. It is located inside a prime educational institution. The objective was to provide a location for the target users: student community, staff and local residents to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. The space not only serves as a cafeteria but also as a social gathering space to hang-out, discuss and learn in a creative natural atmosphere. All the trees were conserved and made as part of the built-environment. It’s a low-cost project in which maximum materials were re-cycled, making it sustainable. Through design, the created a place encases happiness and learning wherein several constraints were turned into opportunities while adding value to the lives of several people.