Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: University Hostel, Institutional
Size:  1,67,000 sq. ft
Location: Thandalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
About the project
Rajalakshmi engineering college hostel is a modern student hostel that emphasizes functionality and community engagement while harmoniously integrating into its natural surroundings. At its core lies the podium, that extends to welcome students with a grand entrance staircase, doubling as a congregational area. The form derivations for the project involved introduction of the court with podium that facilitates better natural light and ventilation. While the inner court had horizontal subtractions, the external facades exhibit vertical subtractions that are highlighted by intricate grills. Standout design elements include pop-out interaction spaces in vibrant red hue, that promotes engagement and aesthetics. Additionally, the dining area, discreetly nestled within the podium, ensures a serene ambiance with a side access that enhances efficiency and convenience of the hostel.