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Radiance iris
Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: Villa Township
Size : 1,60,000 SQ. FT (4 Acres) - 77 Units
Location: Sampigehalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
IIA TN Awards, JK Cements Architects of the Year, FOAID- Green Building, A'Design Award & Competition
About the project
The aim was to create a social, climate friendly neighbourhood that consist of houses with green pockets, pedestrian walkways and community connections. Zoning involved retaining the existing green cover adhering to the micro context. The central access way as spine in east west direction limits the solar exposure and the branching narrow pedestrian streets between the units reduce the effects of local heat island. Green bridges were introduced as canopy across the streets that enables a sense of enclosure for societal interaction. Outdoor seating areas were provided to increase the community cohesion at a larger level that further indirectly binds the community and its safety.