Large Housing
Radiance Flourish
Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: Gated Community - Apartments
Size: 2,21,038 SQ. FT (5.07 Acres) - 395 Units
Location: Tiruvottriyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Forbes, IIA
About the project
Flourish is a vibrant residential community that was born from an industrial oil mill site. The design addresses the infertile land beside a railway track through strategic landscaping that creates a 30-meter green buffer at the rear end. The central garden area acts as the heart of the community while lush greenery throughout the periphery minimizes noise. The clubhouse at the entry with its welcoming vista was designed considering the eastern sea view and the metro station in close proximity above ground. This project offers fosters social inclusivity through luxury and EWS units exemplifying successful urban transformation while prioritizing environmental responsibility, further creating a thriving and diverse residential hub.