Firm hall 
Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: Institutional - Primary School
Size : 50,000 SQ.FT
Location: Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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FOAID Award, A'Design Award & Competition – Silver, INFHRA Awards, Insite Magazine.
About the project
The aim was to develop a healthy learning environment for children with green concepts in a constrained site that is cost effective. The west wing of the ‘L’ shaped building with classrooms are light through large windows on either side and shade cuts direct sunlight limiting the glare. Along with light pockets in the corridor with social shaded spaces the interspacing within the circulation also supports cross ventilation while promoting interaction. The south wing contains the common and supporting amenities. The facades are interlaced with colored panels which brings a play of colors inducing an identity while functionally holding the storage areas. The main entry façade and play areas add to the feel of spaciousness in this vertical development.