arcot plaza  
Arcot Plaza
Project specifications
Type: Commercial Building (Business Centre)
Size : 20,000 SQ. FT
Location: Kodambakkam, Chennai. Tamil Nadu, India
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FOAID Award - Platinum- First Award, A'Design Award & Competition – Bronze, DAF Awards – First, Published in Tiles magazine, The Better Indian magazine, WFM Façade Magazine
About the project
The idea was to create a climate responsive building which maximizes the visibility of the building and tap the footfall, as the site is located between the existing railway station and an upcoming metro station. The north side faces the street and the double height retail facade is protected by cantilevered office floors. The triangulated translucent poly-carbonate fins’ pattern cut the direct sun-light while acting as an innovative shading-device, thereby, providing effective day-lighting and also reducing the solar heat-gain on the building. The building has an iconic presence on the road due to its aesthetic essence and it consumes 15 percent less energy due to the climate-sensitive design features which reduces the life-cycle cost of the building.