• Location: Kodambakkam, Chennai
  • Project Type: Office
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Size: 3,300sqft
  • Client: Architecture plus Value


The design of the office space celebrates unpretentious and simplicity with understated elegance in design. The rooms are typically light , airy and bright, with modern furnishings and natural materials, especially wood to complete the style of cool , calm and uncluttered living working spaces.

The rooms layout allows ample light to reach each desk , as well as providing the team with impressive skyline vistas. People can lounge in the terrace garden space, which contrasts with the rest of the office space.

The idea was create a open floor plan that allows adequate lighting and ventiallation to make the building more sustainable.The space emits calmness,clarity , strength and transparency. It focuses on the human, not on company hierarchies or to impress others. The studio space meets the clients and the office mates providing plenty of outdoor seatings to relax. The studio is structured according to the needs of the individual teams.Our design idea was to construct a resistant , permeable and playful skeletal roof structure.