• Location: Ambattur, Chennai
  • Project Type: Residential Apartment
  • Status: Completed
  • Size: 9,000 sq ft 9 (8 Apartments)
  • Client: Rahul Associates & Builders (P) Ltd


The success of the project White fields (C-101) lead to the development of this project on the same street. Being a Low-cost housing the focus was on the creation of a project which offers the best living environment for the residents with-in the constraints. Day light is constantly achieved in the interior spaces. The provision of balconies to achieve maximum light and ventilation inside the building without affecting the privacy of the user. Social Green Spaces were provided in strategic locations in the project to allow for interaction among the different residents.

During the design process, providing the appropriate dimensions for each space,as well as controlling the light and privacy of living spaces was among the issues that was considered in the design. In order to design the façade and to preserve the visibility and perspective, the transparent skin was the basic measure.The pattern utilized in the Elevation stretches along the building roof and finally ended in the green roof pergola terrace. In addition to creating an intimate environment, special attention was paid to green space in order to gather together all members of the residents to the terrace not making it an inactive space.